About AEDF

Through leadership, innovation and collaboration, engage the Algiers business community, civic and community partners, elected officials, and regional partners in proactive business initiatives that foster Algiers’ growing business environment and establish a sustainable community to create opportunities for Algiers residents and neighborhoods to thrive and grow.

In 2010, AEDF began its 19th year of serving as a catalyst that fosters economic growth to the Algiers Community. The Algiers Economic Development Foundation is one of the most active community foundations in Louisiana. Our Board of Directors is composed of well respected community and business leaders that are committed to Algiers economic growth and maintaining and continuously improving the quality of life for Algiers Residents.

Algiers… Standing Tall

Over the years, AEDF’s work in the community has had an impressive impact on the Algiers community. Some of the past activities as and accomplishments of AEDF are:

  • Played an instrumental role in the renovation of the Behrman Sports Complex
  • Engaged in activities that was successful in recruiting the Federal City project to Algiers
  • Spearheaded studies by the Center for Economic Development at the University of New Orleans, the Urban Land Institute, Tulane Scoop of Architecture, Auburn University and RKG Retail and Market Analysis
  • General Degaulle- Algiers Banner provided a beautiful backdrop when entering Algiers
  • Operation Facelift- A faced improvement grant for General Meyer Ave.
  • Congressional Reception
  • 2007 Opening of the Louisiana SPCA in Algiers
  • 2007- The Friends of the Ferry was established
  • Cultural Product Corridor
  • Holidays on the Point
  • River Fest Concert
  • Alla Gras

Algiers… Moving Forward