Member Spotlight: Algiers Animal Clinic

Algiers Animal Clinic Rebounds after the Storm

The Algiers Animal Clinic reopened less than one week after Hurricane Issac—on Labor Day to be exact.  The clinic overcame post-storm challenges of going without power for four days, and business has been nonstop ever since with veterinarian visits scheduled every 15 minutes (approximately 100 visits per day).  “We’re right back to where we were before the storm,” clinic owner and head veterinarian Dr. Andrew Gutter shared with us.

We salute the Algiers Animal Clinic for its post-storm fervency and ongoing commitment to care for our pets. The clinic has been a member of AEDF and the Algiers community for 21 years; the clinic has been in operation for 45 years. Throughout the lifetime of the practice, the clinic has helped to improve the wellbeing of pets and also has kept parasites under control. This in turn reduces communicable diseases between pets and animals, Dr. Gutter says.  Today, approximately 21 professionals, including receptionists, vet technicians, veterinarians and groomers, are employed at the clinic.

The Algiers Animal Clinic is located at 3807 General DeGaulle Drive. To learn more, visit or call (504) 364-1556.